Why Support We Believe in Texas?

Can a $25 T-Shirt Change Lives?

We want to raise $250,000 this month to go directly to the victims of Hurricane Harvey!

I am a southeast Texas girl transplanted in Tennessee. I come from a long line of Texas natives. My eighty year old grandfather is a fourth generation Houstonian. My grandmother grew up in downtown Houston, long before the streets were one way and skyscrapers towered the city. I was the third generation on my father's side to attend my local high school in the small town of Nederland, TX. His parents started an industrial construction company in 1976 in Port Arthur. My dad and two brothers now run the family business in the Port Arthur and Beaumont area. My parents still live in Nederland, in the house where I was raised, and two of my three brothers are homeowners in Beaumont. Needless to say, my Texas roots run deep. 

Last week while visiting family and friends back home, our trip was cut short with talk of Harvey. On Tuesday night in Nashville, I start receiving text messages from my girl friends back home worried about their safety as the waters started to rise. I log onto Facebook and was overwhelmed with the cries for help that were filling up my feed. I was in tears as I learned of friends and their loved ones pleading to be rescued by boat in the dark hours of the night. I cried myself to sleep scared for the safety of my own family, and was anxious for morning to arrive. I woke up early to images rolling in on social media of the damage Harvey had done so far, and it only got worse as the day went on. 

The aftermath of Harvey seems unimaginable to me. Texas shaped me and made me who I am today, and I want to give back to the community that is near and dear to my heart. 

My husband is President of USimprints.com a promotional merchandise here in the volunteer state of Tennessee. His entire team is committed to helping spread the word and using their time, talents, and resources to help raise $250,000 this month!

Let's Help Texas Rebuild. We BELIEVE in Texas!

Natalie Benz